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The Announcement of Robert Fazekas

First of all I would like to say thank you for the whole Hungarian nation for –as I have been informed – absolutely supporting me and being with me.

I would have liked to talk about this injustice against me during the press conference in Szombathely, however, because of the numerous rumour and false information I have decided not to wait and to announce my oppinion.

It is true that I could not produce the required amount of urine after the throwing discus-final but the supervisor of WADA at the spot closed the urine given by me and stored it properly as in the rules, so I thought that after having examined the sample my olimpic gold medal would not be taken away.

Against the publications in Hungary I did not try to swindle. Everybody who has some knowledge about the procedure of drug-tests knows that it is impossible.

Swindling or attempting of swindling is not in the official report of the testing as it has not been found  in any of my more than 100 official reports of drug-testing so far.

Every accusation of this is unfounded , it is only for the action to disqualify me in spite of my negative drug test. I think  this case is unprecedented in any kind of sports. Of course, I will use my right to appeal and will not accept the decision.

The secretary-general of IAAF, Istvan Gyulai has made me sure about his support and promised to help do the necessary actions. I’m sure that after the appeal a fair decision will bemade and the olimpic gold medal will be given back to the person who won the game.

Against the news my club-mate, Adrian Annus and me are not escaping but we have asked for and been given the permission to leave.

We are going home. At 2 o’clock on Thursday afternoon we are holding a press-conference in the Town Hall in Szombathely, where we are waiting foreverybody interested.

Regarding my future I have not decided yet but I am seriously thinking about what to do.

Now I feel there is not so much reason to continue my sport career in such circumstances.

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