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How strong boys become girls?

When the news of American bodybuilders' sex scandals have reached Hungary, it was accepted with disbelief. Emotions got high when many people began to recognize their friends, fellow trainers and fellow competitors on gay porn pictures and videos.

The greatest sport scandal of the US broke out in the early 1990s, when it was found out, that the majority of amateur and professional bodybuilders take roles and appear in homosexual porn movies, videos, magazines and advertisements...

The spice in the story is that most of these people are active bodybuilders, who take part in competitions regularly and usually do well. Additionally, some of them belong to the very best...

How it all began...

The scandal was started by Steve Neece, the famous writer and photographer of Muscle Mag International and author of several best seller bodybuilder books. In the early 1990s he released a new magazine, and revealed the secret of the connection between bodybuilding and homosexual pornography in his article "GAY PORN". He does not only comments on the prostitution and porn scandals of contemporary stars - http://www.glovdcopsf.com/home.html/t_blank

Bruce Patterson, Chris Duffy, Billy Herrington

but he also draws the attention to a 1974 "Ken Sprague/Dakota" interview with Maryin Jones appeared in "IN TOUCH" magazine (article available on the web). The scandal had dissolved all illusions on dream carriers created by the media. (There was only one issue of the magazine, because one month after the release Steve Neece had passed away in a heart attack.)

First carrier in the business

Sprague arrived to Los Angeles in 1970, with only 10 dollars in his pocket. Before long, the charming muscle-man has become the most wanted male prostitute of the City of Angles (later he became an IFB B professional). Under the pseudo name Dakota, he has created extreme porn films with his fellow trainees , partly out of exhibitionism and as a supplementary earning. The incomes allowed him to make his dreams come true. Besides other investments, he has established and flourished the world famous GOLD'S GYM, the cultic center of bodybuilding.

It is also common knowledge, that Arnold Schwarzenegger had lived together with a chocolate factory owner millionaire, who had supported him, thus making it possible for Schwarzenegger to be at the top for years.

The case only got worse since the 70s. Jason Caruso's article, The Sex Cult of Venice Beach, in the 21 st April issue of TESTSTERONE Magazine provides exhausting details on a party after a noted competition.

Scandals everywhere

Ironically, the first advertiser of Neece's new magazine is Boris Schaak (owner of NPC Mr. Los Angeles and chairman of BODYBUILDER'S REGISTRY and HARDBODY WHO'S WHO), who in last September signed an 'exclusive' contract to take role in a high-budget porn series. His co-actors were, besides others, the 1995 Mr. Ukraine, Konstantin (Martin) Rosanov, winner of the 1997 Ironman and the runner-up of World Natural 2001. Needless to say, the director himself was once a bodybuilder.

Honorable stars, such as Flex Wheeler or Craig Titus, have expressed their opinions in this issue, which clearly shows that these scandals were not aimed at bodybuilding, per se, nor was it a foolish propaganda against homosexuals.

Hungarians in the elite of porn industry

In order to be able to investigate bodybuilder scandals thoroughly, American experts started to make a catalogue on the best selling products of the largest international video and magazine labels. The results were astonishing:

A list of the best gay-porn movies was issued in 31 st Dec 2001. Moreover, a list was created on this year's gay-porn Oscar nominees in 11 th Feb 2002.

There are 18 (!) Hungarian video films in the "TOP 100". In these films, with two exceptions, all the celebrities of Hungarian bodybuilding and fitness are appearing. Eight Hungarian porn movies are nominated for nine awards in the six categories of gay-porn Oscars. A Hungarian muscle-man was nominated for the award of most wanted porn cover model. International bestseller lists in France and Canada were dominated by gay-porn films of Hungarian bodybuilders for several months. The boys mentioned here appear with either their real or their pseudo name.

Gay-porn stars on stage

Let's see the greatest Hungarian stars:

Attila Szabo - champion of the 2000 MLO Olympics. Winner or award winner of several bodybuilding contests. He appears under his real name in the films of HighOctane.org. other studios employ him under the following names: Serge Vanelli, Robert Paycna, Csaba Zsiros. He may apply for awards for his part in "Uncut Memories", this year. He has begun his porn carrier in 1995-96. He has worked with almost all the well-known studios, including Kristen Bjorn's and Cadro Studio.

Istvan Szabo (Istvan Bolte, Lucas, Martin Hubai, Leslie Manzel etc.), the muscle-man from the country became the most wanted video-cover model in 2001. Besides Viktor Hogyes, Szabo has made the most movies per year. Due to his sexual fantasies, universal role, and stamina, Szabo is one of the most wanted model in the business.

Viktor Hogyes - supermodel of SCITEC Nutrition MyoMax, coverboy of Muscle Sport magazine. He appeared under his real name in HighOctane and Clain productions. He also known as Krisztian Peter. As Vic Lombardo, he is the star of the Swiss Ikarus Entertainment. Hogyes has published a "Best of..." collection. He is the starring actor of numerous hit films.

Högyes Viktor
Högyes Viktor

Of course, the list goes on and on. Many of them have won competitions or reached good positions. Imre Bordacs, for example, the sexiest Hungarian muscleman was celebrated by the Hungarian audience on his return to the business in 2001 (he has changed his looks - sun tan, new hair style, epilated body). As it was later found out, before his return home, he has also worked together with Attila Szabo in porn movies. The actors of his films (MANUEVERS, FARM BOYS) have become well-known bodybuilding stars since then. No matter how hard he tried to gain muscles, the head cannot be changed. He used to take roles with the assistance of Viktor Hogyes, Attila Szabo and the others.

Csaba Toth, also known as Joe Calderon, who has worked mostly with Viktor Hogyes, shot his first, but certainly not last, hardcore gay porn movie in the most exclusive Hungarian bodybuilding club, the KOKO GYM.

(Hungarian actors can be found at the web site of EXECUTIVE MALE. Besides other, Miklos O., and Balazs Sz., test persons of SCITEC-LAB, can be seen here. Viktor Hogyes is on the cover of the first edition of the recently introduced magazine, MUSCLE SPORT.)

Bordács Imre
Bordács Imre

Opinions of insiders

After all this, many bodybuilders, interviewed by Nyugat, considers the continuous appearance of their fellow bodybuilders in porn movies and magazines a catastrophe.

They are disappointed by the fact that the best names of bodybuilding have connections to gay-porn productions and their labels. The question arises whether it is only possible to reach the top if a contract has already been signed for a porn movie. Are contests and tests merely serve as a slave-market? Do firms and agencies function as mediators as well? If yes, it only destroys the reputation of the sport.

Tóth Csaba

Why do it?

According to our information, doers of gay-porn are motivated by money, of course. The preparation for a contest or a shooting requires lots of money and there will only be a few who may be winners. Thus it becomes a catch-22. You can never win or get to the top, unless you take roles in films and magazines or accept offers.

The process

Those who sign a contract know what it involves. It can happen, however, that a person is forced to do gay-porn. He may be invited to Florida where he is offered a photo session, contest or good position for the movie in turn.

It is of course the person's own responsibility whether he accepts the proposals (photo, commercials, training, escort services, Chippendale dancing, porn...). Furthermore, it is absolutely their own business how they deal with their heterosexuality.

Those who reject

An active bodybuilder has described how the agreements are made. He was approached by an insider of a producer company at a competition organized by SCITEC-NUTRITION. He was told that it was not by chance he reached top position, and that he looks pretty good. Next, he was invited for picture taking abroad. When he started to ask for more details he found out that there is much more he could do...

Another bodybuilder was approached with a direct offer by two American photographers at a significant national contest. He was asked for sexual favors in return for money. He was also invited for a gay-porn shooting. The photographers were lucky to walk away without any broken bones...

Financial matters

Boys do not earn that much money, as it was found out lately. A Hungarian celebrity could earn between one to two million HUF. Extra services may raise this sum. A competitor must, however, follow a strict diet, which could cost him 100-120 thousand HUF per month.

Thus, the guessing may begin whether it is the hope for an easy life that motivates the boys, or it is only a tool for establishing competitive circumstances.

Maybe it should be accepted that bodybuilders are handled the same way as their female counterparts, and the results are decided in 'bed'.

The evidences

The majority of gay-porn movies are shot with Hungarian bodybuilders.

They can be seen regularly on the web-site of Unzipped Monthly Magazine.

Hungarian bodybuilders appear almost every month in The Bodybuilding Magazine Of The Future, a homosexual-bodybuilder sex-magazine.

The April 2002 issue of HONCHO Magazine - a hardcore gay bodybuilder sex mag - was dedicated entirely to Attila Szabo, an all star Hungarian champion.

Istvan Szabo became the second Hungarian to appear on the April 2002 issue of Mandate Magazine. This magazine is available in Hungary as well.

Hungarian productions can be found in almost every Video-review magazines. The Sept 2001 issue is interesting from this point of view, but the Oct issue also presents several Hungarian Oscar nominated movies with the starring of Hungarian bodybuilder Csaba Toth and his crew, the Scites boys.

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