The Hungarian Porno Bummm!

I. How strong boys become girls?
When the news of American bodybuilders’ sex scandals have reached Hungary, it was accepted with disbelief. Emotions got high when many people began to recognize their friends, fellow trainers and fellow competitors on gay porn pictures and videos.
II. Michael Jackson’s producer and the Hungarian gay porn stars
The world press have recently published an article on the most embarrassing sex-scandal of the season. Michael Jakcson and Fred Scahffer, producer of the song ‘What More Can I Give’, which was written for the memory of the victims of 9/11, have decided to go separate ways. It seems almost natural that we Hungarians are deeply involved in this case, as Schaffer and his colleagues have been shooting their gay-porn movies here in Budapest. This ‘part time job’ seems to be highly profitable.

III. Bodybuilders against the spread of gay-porn industry?
Nyugat has already reported twice on how Hungary has become the stronghold of gay-porn industry. Since then, many readers have shared their views with us. This last article in the series may provide answers on FAQs.

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